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The shape of the product and the variety of plastic are different.


⑴) Functional specialization and low price In production practice, due to the difference in product shape and plastic variety, there are often some special requirements for the injection machine. For example, in terms of products, some have inserts, some have no inserts, some are single-color, some are two-color; in terms of plastic varieties, some are thermoplastics and some are thermosetting plastics.

Therefore, the development of special and special injection machines suitable for user requirements has the characteristics of high performance-price ratio, technology-intensive and simplified structure. For example, gas-assisted injection equipment, fusible core injection equipment, magnet and metal powder injection machines, etc.

(2) High speed and precision mold opening and closing speed, the mold opening and closing speed is increased from 20-30mm/min to 40-50mm/min, and some even as high as 60mm/min.

The injection speed is fast, from 100mm/s to 450mm/s. It is not uncommon for small and medium-sized injection machines to have an injection speed of 600mm/s, and some can reach 900mm/s.

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