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The forming ability of powder metallurgy is its main advantage.


At present, powder metallurgy has been recognized by the industry as a green and sustainable manufacturing technology. For example, in terms of continuous functions, powder metallurgy has high forming capacity and material utilization, which can minimize overall energy consumption.

Compared with the casting or forging + cutting of the traditional process (hot working + cold working), the powder metallurgy process only needs to use fewer processes to manufacture the same part, that is, it can complete more and more complex processes.

In terms of material sustainability, powder metallurgy's forming ability is its main advantage. For example, when forming a toothed part, up to 40% of the material in conventional cutting processes turns into chips, while 85% of all powders used in powder metallurgy are produced from recycled materials.

In the production process of powder metallurgy parts, the waste loss of each process is generally 3% or less, and the material utilization rate can reach 95%.

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